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Caribbean News Network (CANN TV)

Caribbean News Network (CANN TV)

Caribbean News Network (CANN TV)

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    Caribbean News Network (CANN TV)

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  • Mention the Caribbean and inevitably you think of turquoise waters, white-sand beaches and coconut trees; all undeniable facets of the region’s life and landscapes.

    For decades, it has rightly been the world’s number one travel destination for holiday makers and the hospitality that visitors receive, irrespective of the island visited, remains second to none.

    Nevertheless, the islands that make up the Caribbean are more than a holiday cliché. For nearly 35 million people it is home, a place of work and though seldom mentioned internationally, is subject to financial and economic factors such as the global economic crisis and unemployment.

    To date, the full depth and breadth of the Caribbean has been under reported. The Caribbean community is not homogenous. It is diverse, complex and multilayered; and a rich and variegated tale comprised of unique, individual islands with individual stories.